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Latex Resistance Bands
Latex Resistance Bands
Latex Resistance Bands
Latex Resistance Bands

Latex Resistance Bands

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The perfect accessory for your fitness journey. These bands are versatile and light weight, perfect for workouts at the gym, at home, or while travelling. Latex bands are perfect for toning and sculpting, stretching and activating muscles, stabilization training tool, mobility, rehabilitation (consult your doctor/physiotherapist before) and so much more!

Set Includes:

  • 3 latex bands (12” x 2”)
    • Light ( lbs)
    • Medium ( lbs)
    • Heavy ( lbs)
  • Carrying bag


Benefits of buying a set?

By purchasing a set of bands at different resistance levels you have the option of making your workout more challenging when one band becomes too easy to use. Additionally, by purchasing more than one you have a backup if one feels too hard or too easy for your fitness level and goals. By having multiple bands, you can make your workout more efficient by using specific bands for specific muscle groups. For example, using lighter resistance bands for smaller muscle groups and heavier bands for larger muscle groups.


With normal daily use these latex bands should last for many months. However, we cannot guarantee that they will last forever. The bands may break if stretched beyond 150% extension, or if they are used with small tears/cuts. Additionally, using latex bands outdoors, on rough surfaces or in power sprints (forcing too much extension) will likely cause breakage. Always make sure you inspect the band before use.


If you are looking for a more durable and long-lasting band, consider looking at our Fabric Resistance bands. These bands are highly durable and made to last.