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About Us

Exercise is a celebration of what the body can do! 

Here at Skilla we want to give the tools to fall in love with your fitness journey.

We believe that everyone should exercise because they love their bodies, not because media tells us we need to "fix it". Fitness comes in all shapes, sizes, ages, and expectations; and the Skilla brand represents just that! The fitness world is notorious for claiming an ultimate end goal of skinny and toned for women, or big and buff for men.

In a world full of fitness brands and influencers promoting exercise to fit into societal body norms, Skilla aims to be the exact opposite. We want to show every bodythe benefit of exercise, that we strive for progress not perfection. 

The mission behind Skilla is to create a brand and community that pushes exercise because we love our bodies and want to fuel our bodies; not because we hate our bodies.